Based in Brooklyn, I compose music across a broad range of styles. My intention is to create sounds that are beautiful and surprising, weaving together past and present. 


I grew up as a jazz saxophonist, with the sound of Debussy echoing in my ear. I went to Berklee College of Music, and have had the privilege of studying with master musicians such as Joshua Redman, Joe Lovano and Danilo Perez.


My solo artist name is Jesse and Forever. I describe the style as psychedelic cinema music. My next album under the moniker will be out later this year.


"Lush and Lovely... The tracks are full, and give you the feeling of looking out on a glimmering body of water on a bright day.”

-The Fader


I compose and produce scores for film and concert dance and I collaborate with a variety of musical artists, as an arranger and multi-instrumentalist.

My recent work as a composer/producer includes a collaboration with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Dolly Sfeir's Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt, and Bocatuya's Cielo Elena, as presented by the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

I also curate multi-sensory events, and have been throwing house concerts and pop-up festivals, such as the Forever Festival and the Bach Store, for the past decade.

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Selected work

Dance Works


Saxophone Looping

Arranging and production

I work both remotely and in person as an arranger and producer.

I play the tenor saxophone, clarinet and flute, and layer these instruments together on recordings, adding orchestral textures to other artists' projects. I have recorded as a sideman on records by artists such as Nick HakimJake Sherman, WTF Bach, Eddie Chacon, Benny Sings, Tei Shi and anaiis.

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