Jesse Scheinin

Who am I?

I make psychedelic cinema music. My aim is to meld together a

wide range of influences into sonic-collages that create personal

soundtracks for the listener. 


My background is as a jazz saxophonist. I went to Berklee

College of Music and had the great fortune of studying and being

mentored by masters, such as Joshua Redman, Joe Lovano and

Danilo Perez.

Along the way, I veered away from jazz, deciding to create my own

world that could encapsulate numerous musical genres, and

inspiration from other mediums, such as film, TV and performance art.

I formed Jesse and Forever, the band with which I sing, play sax, compose and produce. We started in Boston and then moved to NYC, and along the way, dozens of musicians passed through the project. Under this moniker I have released two full length albums and a number of EPs and singles.

I also work as a producer and arranger, collaborating with a variety of artists, and as a sound scorer for film, commercials, and contemporary dance.

I have a passion for curating multi-sensory events, and have been throwing house concerts and pop-up festivals for the past decade.

I was born in Santa Cruz, CA, and now split my time between Brooklyn, upstate New York and Los Angeles.


Examples of my work:

Three selections created for

contemporary dance:

I enjoy the process of composing and producing music to fit the vision of dance choreographers and other visual artists. I compose for short films, tv, podcasts, commercials and other formats.

Arranging and production:

I work both remotely and in person, as an arranger and producer.

I play the tenor saxophone, clarinet and flute, and layer these instruments together on recordings, adding orchestral textures to other artists' projects. My work appears on records by artists such as Nick Hakim, Jake Sherman, WTF Bach, Tei Shi and anaiis.

I also produce records for artists who include Rinsky Moonlight and FOX.

What I'm doing now:

I'm recording two new albums, one song-based, the other instrumental. I'm also composing the music for several dance pieces and short films, while also collaborating with a number of musical artists, who are spread out across the globe. When these projects are done I plan on taking a trip across the Atlantic on an ocean freighter.

Have a project you'd like to work on together? Email me.

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